Featured Bus Route – February 2019

Route 309 operated by State Transit is the featured bus route for February 2019. It operates between Railway Square and Banksmeadow via Redfern, Green Square, Mascot and Botany.


Route 309 was introduced on the the 22nd of June 1952, supplementing trams on the Botany – Matraville Tramline, with peak hour services between the City and Matraville via Botany Road, whilst off peak services only operated between Matraville and Botany Shops. On the 23rd of October 1960, Route 309 took over tram operations full time after the closure of the tram line. At this time it was also extended to La Perouse via Prince Henry Hospital, replacing parts of old routes 334 and 338. As with many routes introduced to replace the tramways, Route 309 fully duplicated the route of the old tramway.

By 2002, the route had been modified to operate between Circular Quay and Port Botany Terminus. Due to works on the CBD and South East Light rail, the city terminus of the service changes from Circular Quay to Railway Square on 4th of October 2015. Recently as part of a review of South-Eastern bus services, Route 309 was truncated to Banksmeadow from 2nd of December 2019. An express 309x variant was also introduced at this time.

Route 309 is considered to be a turn up and go service, meaning it operates on a frequency headway basis rather than a fixed timetable. Despite this, there is still an approximated timetable provided for the service. It operates on average every 12 minutes or more often during the day 7 days a week.

Buses for this service are provided out of State Transit’s Port Botany Depot. A mixture of high capacity articulated Buses and standard 12.5 m Buses are used on the route.

Featured Bus Route – January 2019

This month our featured bus route is Route 450 operated by Punchbowl Bus Company. It runs between Strathfield and Hurstville via Roselands, Lakemba and Beverley Hills.


Route 450 started out life as Route 34 between Burwood and Bankstown at an unknown date in the early 1920s. By October 1926 it was rerouted to operate between Burwood to Hurstville. It ceased as it was competitive with Government railway or tram services under State Transport (Co- ordination) Act on 31 October 1931, however was later relicensed as a feeder for the Enfield to Hurstville section of the route on 31 December 1931. By 1946 the route had been extended to Strathfield Station. Upon the opening of Roselands shopping centre in October 1965, the route began diverting by there.

Its operation changed hands few times over the period as route 34. Initially it was operated by All-Gold Bus Service, which by the late 1940s was trading as Red & White Bus Service. Operations transferred to Red Top Transport Service by December 1948. Cumberland Coaches took over the service on 1 July 1977. Canterbury Bus Lines took over from 31 August 1983.

On 12 October 1995 Route 34 became Route 450 in the Sydney Region Route Number System. The service was later transferred to Punchbowl Bus Co on 20 April 1998. Beginning on 27 August 2007, peak hour trips were extended from Strathfield to Olympic Park. As a result of Ministry of Transport review of Region 5 coming into effect on 22 March 2010, off peak and weekend trips that did not travel to Olympic Park were extended from Strathfield to Burwood, alongside other route changes. From 5 June 2016 the extension to Olympic Park was cut and from 26 November 2017 the extension to Burwood was cut.

Today Route 450 takes around 50 minutes to operate end to end. Half hourly service is provided between 6am and 9pm on weekdays, with hourly service on weekends. The service is operated out of the two Punchbowl Bus Company depots in Riverwood.


Featured Bus Route – December 2018

This month our featured bus route is Route 477 operated by Transit Systems. It operates between Rockdale and Miranda via Kogarah and Sans Souci.

Ansair Orana Scania L113CRL mo3799 operates at 477 towards Miranda through Sans Souci – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Route 477 began operation in 1959. The old trolley bus system which had serviced the area since June 1937 closed on 29 August 1959. As such, beginning on 30 August 1959 Route 477 became one of a number of bus services to act as direct replacements to the trolley bus. It initially began as a service from Rockdale to Sans Souci via Rockdale, operating direct down Rocky Point Road during peak hours only, with the 476 and 478 providing service outside these peak hours. From March 1966, most services were truncated to Kogarah Station, with only a few buses continuing through to Rockdale.

The largest changes to the Route 477 service occurred during the 1990s. From 5 August 1990, the service was extended to run between Kogarah and Caringbah via Sans Souci, replacing peak hour Route 303 extensions that serviced the corridor between Sans Souci and Caringbah. At this time Route 477 still only operated during peak hours. From 12 January 1992, the service was altered to run along its current route between Rockdale and Miranda. Additionally, at this time Route 477 had its hours of service increased so it operated Monday to Saturday during daylight hours. From 25 February 1996, a Sunday service was also introduced.

Prior to 1 July 2018, Route 477 was operated by the State Transit Authority of New South Wales (State Transit or STA) and its predecessors; the Urban Transit Authority (UTA) and the Department of Government Transport (DGT). As part of the competitive tendering of Sydney Metropolitan Bus Contract Region 6, the service was taken over by Transit Systems (TSA) on 1 July 2018.

Today Route 477 is operated by Transit Systems out of their Tempe depot. The route is serviced by regular 12.5m buses, some of which are wheelchair accessible.  The route operates between 6am and 10pm daily and takes between 30-45 minutes to operate end to end depending on time of day.

Bustech VST Scania K280UB 2814ST operates a 477 towards Rockdale through Sans Souci – Transport NSW Blog Collection


Featured Bus Route – November 2018

Route 607x between Rouse Hill and City QVB via T-Way and M2 is our featured bus route for November. Operated by Hillsbus, this is a route that has been immensely successful over its relatively short operational period. It has seen numerous frequency upgrades and the use of double deckers to meet demand.

A Bustech CDi operates a 607x past Wynyard – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The 607x began operation as a supplementary, pre-Christmas route between Railway Square and Rouse Hill Town Centre via T-Way in that direction only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 December 2011. Due to its success, it was upgraded to a off peak, late night and weekend two way service from 3 January 2012, with non the non T-Way 617x continuing in peak hours. Continued success saw a frequency upgrade as well as peak hour services introduced from 30 April 2012. Due to CBD and South East Light Rail works, the route was truncated on the city end to City QVB from 4 October 2015. Route 607x became a designated overnight service from 27 February 2016, with 24 service on Friday and Saturday nights. At this time a turn up and go peak hour service was introduced as well as high capacity double decker buses.

Today it operates every 5 minutes in peak hour, every 15-20 minutes off peak and every 30 minutes later at night. It sees service between 5am and 1am Sunday through Thursdays with 24 hour service on Fridays and Saturdays. It is operated by 14.5m and double decker buses from the CDC Hillsbus Foundary Road Depot.


Featured Bus Route – October 2018

The featured bus route this month is Route 357 operated by State Transit. It operates between Bondi Junction and Mascot Station via Randwick, Kingsford and Eastlakes.

The 357 in service in 2011 at Sydenham Station, operating a short running to Mascot. Photo Credit – Norbert Genci (Bus Interchange )

The 357 has had an interesting history stretching back many decades and route numbers. Initially the corridor between Bondi Junction and Sydenham via Kingsford was serviced by route 358, with evidence of service from around March 1947. The service was later renumbered 367 and extended to operate between Bellevue Hill and Sydenham from July 1952. At unknown dates between 1962 and 1982 the service was truncated back to Bondi Junction, later at an unknown date between 1982 and 1997 the service was renumbered route 357.

The designation 357 had previously been used for a number of services including a Bondi Junction to Pagewood service in the 1940s and 50s and later local feeder services in Kingsgrove and Maroubra.

At least since the advent of Better Buses East in 2002, many of Route 357 services operated as short runnings between Bondi Junction and Eastlakes only, with service through to Sydenham limited to weekday peak hours. Up until April 2009, the service operated via Meeks street and Botany Street through Kingsford. With the abolition of route 359, it was rerouted to run via Avoca Street and Rainbow Street.  On 20 October 2013, the route once again had a change in route number, merging with route 418 to become a Bondi Junction to Burwood service via Sydenham under the route 418 designation. From March 2017 as part of the Light rail works, the 418 stopped serving Randwick Junction, instead operating through the back streets of Randwick.

Due to the privatisation of bus routes in the Inner West Region 6 area, many cross regional routes such as the 418 were cut in half. The 357 designation was returned for the Eastern half of the 418 between Bondi Junction and Mascot Station from 30th September 2018, with the 418 operating between Kingsford and Burwood.

Featured Bus Route – September 2018

This month our featured bus route is Route 700 operated by CDC Hillsbus. Route 700 runs from Parramatta Interchange to Blacktown Station via Blacktown Road, Great Western Highway and Wentworthville.

This route dates from April 2, 1982, when a number of local bus routes from the 1925 bus numbering system were renumbered and re routed into the 700. This original service was operated by Western Road Bus Services. In 1987, the route was acquired by Toongabbie Buses and then later in December 1988, it was acquired by WestBus.

From December 3, 1994 the 700 was rerouted via Blacktown Rd direct, instead of operating via Hayes Road through Seven Hills. Subsequent changes of hands saw WestBus bought out by National Express Group and then later ComfortDelGro Cabcharge. In May 2004, the operating name of WestBus was changed to Hillsbus in the area which Route 700 operated.

In May of 2009, Route 700 was rerouted in the Westmead area, replacing part of rerouted 705, as a result of Ministry of Transport review of Region 4.

The service is operated out of the Hillsbus depot in Seven Hills. It has an average running time of 45 minutes outside of peak hours. It runs every 30 minutes between 6am and 11pm daily, with extra services in peak hours.

Featured Bus Route – August 2018

This month our featured bus route is State Transit Route 324. Route 324 operates between Watsons Bay and City Walsh Bay via Rose Bay, Edgecliff, Kings Cross and City Town Hall.


The original route 324 ran between City, Macquarie Street to Watsons Bay, running express between the City and Rose Bay began on 23 January 1950 after the closure the tram line between Rose Bay and Watsons Bay closed late in December 1949. Just five months later due to large protests, Route 324 was axed and the tram returned to service.

The service was reintroduced after the second closure of the tram line to Watsons Bay on 10 July 1960. It ran between Watsons Bay and Erskine Street Wharf. From 1966 the route began terminating at Circular Quay instead of Erskine Street. From 1979, the route was diverted to use the new Edgecliff Interchange and short runnings between Watsons Bay and Double Bay were extended to Edgecliff and renumbered 323. From 4 October 2015, the 324 was modified to operate to Walsh Bay instead of to Circular Quay as part of changes to the CBD bus network related to light rail construction.,

The route currently operates every 30 minutes through most of the day. During peak hour, services run the full length of the route every 20 minutes, alternating with a short running between Watsons Bay and Edgecliff Station also running every 20 minutes. This provides an overall frequency of 10 minutes between Watsons Bay and Edgecliff and encourages interchange to rail services.

Route 324 is serviced by State Transit’s Waverley depot. It is operated using 12.5m CB60 and Citaro bodied Mercedes Benz CNG buses.

Featured Bus Route – July 2018

This month our featured bus route is route 492 from Drummoyne to Rockdale via Five Dock, Burwood Campsie and Kingsgrove. This route is operated by Transit Systems Australia as part of its Region 6 contract.

A Scania K280UB with Bustech VST bodywork operating a 492 to Rockdale in Drummoyne on the last day of State Transit operation 30/6/18
A Scania K280UB with Custom Coaches CB80 bodywork operating a 492 to Drummoyne in Burwood on the first day of Transit Systems operation – 1/7/18

The corridor between Drummoyne and Rockdale has been serviced by direct bus service along a route similar to the current corridor since March 1937, when DGT route 92 from Campsie to Drummoyne was merged with United Motors route 44 from Campsie to Rockdale. The route retained the 92 designation, running through from Lyons Road, Drummoyne to Rockdale Station. It was later renumbered 992 in September 1940 and again to 492 in March 1944. Since then the route hasn’t seen much change other than small route changes, including an extension to Birkenhead point in the late 70s. On July 1st 2018, the route was handed over to Transit Systems Australia from State Transit as part of the Region 6 privatisation. Prior to this, the route had been government operated for its entire 81 year history.

Today Route 492 is operated out of Transit Systems Kingsgrove depot, using a variety of buses with Scania chassis and a mixture of different bodyworks. The service runs every 30 minutes between 5am and 11pm daily, with extra services between Kingsgrove and Rockdale providing a service every 15 minutes on weekday peak hours. The service takes around an hour to operate end to end.


Featured Bus Route – June 2018

This month our Featured Bus Route is Route 461 operated by State Transit. It is one of the routes that will be handed over to Transit Systems on July 1 as part of the Region 6 Privatisation.


Route 461 operates between Burwood Station and City Domain via Burwood Road, Parramatta Road, University of Sydney and Railway Square. Some services later at night are truncated at City Museum

Services to Burwood along Parramatta Road have been operating since the 1950s, around the same time as the closure of Sydney’s Tram Network. The 461 has been operating along its current route since October 2015. Prior to that, there have been many variations to the route including its terminus location in both Burwood and the City and the route it takes through the city. In the 2013 “Sydney’s Bus Future” report, the 461 was designated as a rapid route, with priority to be given in terms of bus priority infrastructure and timetable upgrades.

Route 461 operates between 5am and Midnight daily. During peak hour the service runs every 10 minutes whilst off peak it runs every 30 minutes. The service is operated out of Burwood depot.


Featured Bus Route – May 2018

This month we will be featuring State Transit Route 415. It is one of the routes that will be handed over to Transit Systems on July 1 as part of the Region 6 Privatisation.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 12.17.55 pm.png

Route 415 currently operates between Campsie and Chiswick via Belmore, Strathfield, Burwood and Five Dock.

Route 415 has been operated by STA since the 1940s. It initially operated between Belmore Station and Burwood Station, serviced by Burwood depot. When Kingsgrove depot opened in 1948, they took responsibility for the operation of the route, which they continue to have to this day. The route has since been extended from Belmore Station to Campsie Station. In the 2010 Inner West Bus network review, Route 415 was further extended from Burwood to Chiswick via Five Dock as a replacement for the discontinued route 409.

The 415 operates daily between 5am and 8pm. It has a frequency of every 30 minutes throughout the day, with extra services operating between Strathfield and Campsie during peak hours and some trips starting from Kingsgrove depot before 7am.