Private Buses Route of the Month 2

This month, our private route that we will be focusing on is the T80.

The T80 operates along the entirety of the Parramatta to Liverpool T-Way. The T-way operates between Parramatta and Liverpool Railway Station via South Wentworthville, Weatherill Park, Prairiewood and Bonnyrigg.

Services began in February 2003 and were initally operated by Western Sydney Buses using Mercedes-Benz O405NHCNG Buses with Custom Coaches Citaro bodywork. These were later replected by Volvo B12BLEs with Volgren bodywork. Since October 2013, the services have been operated by Transit Systmes Sydney.

Services run between 5am-Midnight daily. They have a frequnecy of 5 minutes in peak hour, 10 minutes off peak and 20 minutes at night and on weekends. The route is 30km long with 35 stations. It takes between 50-65 minutes to run the service.

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 6

This weeks route of the week is Route M10. It runs from Maroubra to Leichhardt via UNSW, Taylor Square, Central Station and Parramatta Road

Route M10 was the original route in the Metrobus network, launched on 12 October 2008. It was part of an attempt to provide a bus rapid transit network in Sydney providing an increase in services on busy corridors and also to reduce the number of buses terminating in the CBD where lay-over space is limited.

It initally ran from Kingsford to Leichhardt Marketplace via Town Hall howver the route has had numerous modifications. In 2009 the the route was changed to Maroubra Junction to Leichhardt Town Hall due to availability of suitable bus stops and layover space, in 2011 it was extended to Leichhardt Pioneer Park. In 2015, the part of the route via Town Hall was removed from the route due to the construction on the CSELR.

The service runs every 10 minutes during peak hour, every 15 minutes off peak and every 20 minutes at night and on weekends. The hours of operation are from 6am-8pm daily.

The service is operated by a fleet of Volgren or Custom Coaches bodied Volvo B12BLEA articulated buses from Leichhardt and Port Botany depots.

Custom Coaches Bodied Volvo B12BLEA articulated bus operating a M10

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 5

This week our route of the week is the 333. It runs between Circular Quay and North Bondi via Elizabeth Street, Oxford Street, Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach. Some limited services also continue to Dover Hights

Route 333 began in 2006 as a replacement for the L82 service which was discontinued. Route 333 runs a limited stops service that duplicates and supplements the 24 Hour all stops 380 service. It runs between 6am and Midnight daily with a 10-20 minute frequency. It takes between 38-45 minutes to travel from Circular Quay to North Bondi depending on trafffic conditions.

The route was the first pre-pay only route, wher passengers had to buy a ticket before boarding. This is now commonplace on all Express, Limited Stops and Metrobus routes. In addition the 333 was one of the bus routes involved in the Opal Trial as it uses a dedicated fleet.

The 333 is operated by a dedicated fleet of articulated Volgren buses with a Volvo B12BLEA chassis operating out of Waverley depot.

Pictured: Signage for Opal Customer Trial
Pictured: A Articulated Volgren bodied Volvo B12BLEA operating a 333. It is using the now retired swimmer desto.

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 4

This weeks route of the week is Route 144.


The 144 was the first bus route to be operated by the NSW government and remains as the longest runnning route in Sydney. It runs from Manly to Chatswood via The Spit, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest and St Leonards.

The route was originally operated between Manly and Cremorne in the late 1920s and early 1930s by White Transit Company. On December 25 1932, the service was taken over by the Government of New South Wales. The following year the service was extended to St Leonards and in 1965 to Chatswood.

The service is currently operated by Buses with Bustech VST bodywork and Scania Chassis from Willoughby depot. The service runs approximately every 30 minutes between 6am and 11pm daily. The services takes between 48 and 62 minute to run from end to end.

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 3

This weeks route of the week is Route L90 from Wynyard to Palm Beach via Mosman, Brookvale, Mona Vale and Avalon.

The L90 is the longest route in the Sydney Buses network at 42 kilometres long. It service takes anywhere between 80 and 100 minutes to operate according to the timetable, occasionally taking longer due to traffic conditions.

The L90 originated in the 1940s as route 150, and from 1953 onwards route 190. In the early 1990s, a majority of 190 services were renumbered as L90, to designate that it was a limited stops service.

The route is often used by commuters travelling to work on weekdays from the upper Northern Beaches. On weekends, it is popular with people planning to visit locations such as Avalon and Palm Beach. The route is also popular for the sceneray that can be seen from the bus.

The L90 is usually operated exclusively by buses with articulated Custom Coaches CB60 EvoII Bodywork and Volvo B12B chassis. These buses are based at Brookvale and Mova Vale Depots.

Pictured: A CB60EvoII Bodied Volvo B12B operating a L90 to Palm Becah at Wynyard.

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 2

This week’s ‘Sydney Buses Route of the Week’ is Route 400 from Bondi Junction to Burwood via Eastgardens, Sydney Airport and Rockdale. The 400 is a very long route and popular route, it carries on average 16 000 passengers a day and over 4.5 million passengers a year, the busiest in the Sydney Buses network.

The 400 was introduced on 17 July 1989 and was branded as the Metroline400. It ran every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday. Sunday services were intoduced in 1991. It was initally operated by a fleet of buses with Pressed Metal Corporation bodywork and a Mercedes Benz Chassis out of Randwick and Kingsgrove depot.

Pictured: Original 400 Timetable Cover

From 1993, Route 400 was operated by a fleet of Scania L113TRB 14.5m long buses with Ansair Orana bodywork. These buses were based out of Kingsgrove and Waverley depot. From 2007, Waverley started providing wheelchair accessible buses instead of the 14.5s.

Today the 400 is served by Kingsgrove, Port Botany, Randwick and Waverley depots. It is operated by a mix of 14.5m buses with Ansair bodywork and Scania Chassis and 12.5m buses with Custom Coaches bodywork and Mercedes Benz or Volvo Chassis or Bustech Bodywork and Scania Chassis

The 400 runs the full length of its route very 20 minutes between 5am and 11pm daily and has short running between Bondi Junction and Eastgardens every 5-8 minutes on Weekdays and 10 minutes on weekends.

The 400 is the only Sydney Buses route to serve Sydney Airport. It makes stops at the T1 International Terminal and the T3 Qantas Terminal both on the arrivals level


Pictured: A route 400 service operated by a bus with Bustech Bodywork and Scania Chassis

Post Updated 4 December 2019 to update information 
From 30 September 2018, Route 400 was truncated to operate between Bondi Junction and Sydney Airport only due to the sale of Kingsgrove depot and State Transit’s Inner West operations to Transit Systems. From this date a new Route 420 took over route 400 services between Eastgardens and Burwood. At this time, Port Botany 14.5s replaced Kingsgrove 14.5s in providing high capacity buses on the route.


Private Buses Route of the Month 1

April’s Private Route of the Month takes us to the Hills District and CDC HillsBus Route M61.

The M61 operates between Castle Hill to Queen Victoria Building via Baulkham Hills and the M2 Motorway.  M61 commenced on 20 December 2010 replacing many 610X services that duplicate its route. It initally operated to Railway Square but was curtailed to the QVB on 4 October 2015

The service runs from 6am-Midnight Sunday through Thursday and 24 Hours on Friday and Saturday. It runs every 10 minutes during peak hours, every 15 minutes off peak and every 20 minutes on weekends and at night.

The route is operated by HillsBus depots in Dural, Northmead and Seven Hills. They are operated by a mix of standard 12.5m and 14.5m buses with Volgren Bodywork and Scania Chassis and 12.5m buses with a Double Decker Bustech Bodywork.

Pictured: A HillsBus 14.5m bus with Volgren bodywork and Scalia chassis operating a M61 towards Castle Hill.

Sydney Buses Route of the Week 1

Our inaugural ‘Sydney Buses Route of the Week’ is Route 370 from Coogee to Leichhardt via UNSW, Green Square, Newtown and Glebe.

The 370 is the bus route that started my whole obsession with Transport. I used to catch the 3:05pm 370 every Thursday to go swimming and it was the highlight of my whole week.

The 370 began as a Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm service between Leichhardt Bus Depot and Coogee Beach on March 1 1999. This was later extended to include weekend services. From July 2002, the western terminus was changed from Leichhardt Bus Depot to Leichhardt Marketplace, providing better access to the centre of Leichhardt. Over time as the route became more and more popular, more services were introduced. As of the October 2013 timetable revision, the 370 was recategorised from a daytime only service to a full time service.

The 370 has been described by multiple sources as Sydney’s worst bus route for its lack of relability and its tendency to have bus bunching, where multiple services show up at the same time. Official Transport for NSW data shows the 370 as the bus route with the lowest percentage of on time trips across Sydney.

The service is operated by Leichhardt and Randwick bus depots with 12.5m buses. The buses are usually Ansair or Custom Coaches bodywork with a Mercedes Benz, Scania or Volvo chassis.¹

The service takes between 47 and 72 minutes to operate depending on the time of day and operates between 5:30am and Midnight daily, with a 10 minute frequency in peak hours, 20 minutes off peak and 30 minutes at night and on weekends. On weekends during summer, there are frequent short runnings between Coogee and Newtown.



Post updated 4 December 2019 to fix grammatical errors and add footnote. 

Post updated 14 September 2018 to add additional information

¹ Since the original post, Leichhardt Depot has been sold to Transit Systems alongside State Transit’s Inner West operations. Route 370 was categorised as an Eastern Suburbs route and as such remained under State Transit operation. Since July 1 2018, all 370 services have been operated by Randwick Depot.

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