Photos – Farewell C Sets

Initially entering service in July 1986, the Chopper sets have now been retired from service with Sydney Trains. The final passenger trip for the C sets was on 26 February 2021, with a final farewell tour on 6 March 2021

Initially entering service as an extension of the contract for suburban K set cars, the C sets were the first train in the NSW fleet to be operated by “Chopper control”. This new technology was designed to improve passenger comfort and safety through stepless control of acceleration, improved traction reliability and redesigned regenerative brakes. At the time, the NSW railways were still ordering trains with outdated Camshaft technology, which was being discontinued by rail manufacturers.

The C sets were the forerunners to the all new Tangara design that was specifically built to take advantage of this new Chopper technology. The the order was further designed to provide a chance for railway engineers to familiarise themselves with the new technology ahead of the larger Tangara order.

The final revenue service operated by a C set terminated at Liverpool at 9:25pm on Friday 26 February 2021. They will be replaced by new Waratah Series 2 trains.

See below for some photos from the C set farewell tour;

V6 passes C5 at Mount Victoria – Transport NSW Blog Collection
C5 seen at Glenbrook – Transport NSW Blog Collection
C5 at Katoomba with a large number of train spotters swarming the train for photos – Transport NSW Blog Collection
C1 at Mount Victoria – Transport NSW Blog Collection
C1 at Hawkesbury River – Transport NSW Blog Collection