Farewell Region 6 – Kingsgrove Depot

Kingsgrove Bus Depot is one of the four bus depots in State Transit Region 6 that will be handed over to Transit Systems this July.

Image result for kingsgrove depot
Notice of the opening of Kingsgrove Depot

Kingsgrove depot opened on 22 February 1948 to take the pressure off the crowded Burwood depot. It initially began operating 12 routes with a fleet of around 50 buses. In most cases, these routes were located much closer to Kingsgrove then Burwood, allowing for reduced dead running and higher efficiency.

Image result for kingsgrove depot
Buses laying up at Kingsgrove depot

Since then it has grown to be home to 166 buses servicing dozens of inner west routes. It is one of two home depots for the Bondi to Burwood Metroline 400 routes and houses 15 dedicated high capacity buses just for this route.


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  1. I am an experienced bus operator (27 years) currently unemployed l am looking to work immediately. I would like to work region 6 for sta or transit systems.


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