Qantas Perth-London Inaugural Flight

*Not exactly NSW transport, but still very noteworthy*

Today Qantas operated the inaugral QF9 flight between Perth and London Heathrow. This was the first ever non-stop commercial flight between Australia and Europe. The flight was operated by VH-ZND “Emily Kame Kngwarreye,” a Boeing 787-9 aircraft with 236 seats.

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The new groundbreaking flights allow for a 17 hour journey time between Australian and the UK. The original Qantas flights from Australia the UK in 1947 back in 1947 took 55 hours over 4 days. The new flight is 7828nm long, making it the longest 787 flight and second longest flight overall in the world.

The flight run to the following schedule;

QF9 MEL1620-1720PER1850-510+1 LHR D
QF10 LHR1315-1300+1PER1430+1-2055+1 MEL D

Qantas has been planning for this route since early in 2015. They have been flying the route everyday using flight simulators to allow for realistic conditions such as payload and weather.

Qantas has opened a new lounge at London back in November 2017 and will be opening a new international lounge at Perth. These new lounges ensure that premium passengers enjoy the entire journey.

Qantas has also introduced a new innovative menu on its flights between PER-LHR. Designed by Neil Perry’s Rockpool group the menu includes dishes such as Probiotic Bc30 infused Botanica cold pressed juice shots, tuna poke salad bowls  and dishes which feature ingredients that promote hydration such as green leafy vegetables, cucumber, strawberries and celery to increase hydration and help reduce jetlag along with creating dishes that encourage sleep at certain times during the flight.

The flight depart from the new dedicated Qantas International T3 in Perth alongside its twice daily flights to Singapore and thrice weekly flights to Auckland. The area uses swing bates that can also be used for domestic flights. Passengers will need to check in and pass security at T4 before walking airside to T3. In London, the flight will depart form T3.

2 Replies to “Qantas Perth-London Inaugural Flight”

  1. Hopefully the start of a new era for Qantas. Would flights to other EU cities be on the radar? Would love to see flights to Paris, Frankfurt and Rome!


    1. We have heard through reputable internal sources that Sydney-Perth-Paris will be up and running by late 2019 on new 787s to be ordered later this year. Qantas has also expressed interest in Frankfurt and Rome as well as other cities, so flights there could be a possibility.


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