Sydney Metro West to Westmead

Today the NSW government confirmed that the proposed upcoming Sydney Metro West will include a stop at Westmead. The line will connect the Eastern Harbour City and Central River City in under 20 minutes and provide relief for the existing T1 line.


Features of the new Metro include;

  • a new underground metro station at Westmead, to support the growing residential area as well as the health, research and education precinct
  • a new metro station under an existing suburban station on the T1 Northern Line east of Sydney
  • Olympic Park – allowing faster connections for customers from the Central Coast and Sydney’s
  • north to Parramatta and Sydney through a quick and easy interchange between suburban and metro services
  • further consultation on new intermediate metro stations between Parramatta and Sydney
  • Olympic Park and between Olympic Park and the Sydney CBD
  • at least one Sydney Metro West station under the Sydney CBD, delivering an easy interchange between suburban rail, new light rail and the new metro stations currently under construction.
  • It is also proposed that Sydney Metro West will have an underground interchange with an existing suburban station on the T1 Western Line either at Parramatta or Westmead, allowing a fast and easy interchange to metro rail services for customers heading to and from the outer west and Blue Mountains.

The NSW Government will also safeguard the ability to extend Sydney Metro to the south-east of the Sydney CBD towards Malabar via Zetland, serving the Green Square town centre, as well as towards the west beyond Westmead – where one option would be to the new Western Sydney Aerotropolis.


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