Upcoming Nightride Changes

Last year the NSW government announced that it would be making some adjustments to the Nightride Bus network. Its has been brought to our attention at Transport NSW Blog that these changes may be occurring as early as March 1st. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

The major changes are

  • New route N81 from Parramatta to City Town Hall via Victoria Road, Rydalmere, Silverwater Rd, thru Newington, Olympic Park Station, Strathfield Station, then Parramatta Road. Operates Thursday to Sunday.
  • New route N91 from Bondi Junction to Macquarie Park via Kings Cross, Town Hall, North Sydney, Chatswood and North Ryde. Operates daily.iFK0w9K
  • Modified Route N20 to operate vis Sydney Airport and Green Square. Operates daily.mp0a7kA.jpg
  • Change of operator for some routes, including STA becoming a Nightride operator.

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