STA Contracts Renewed – Region 7-9 + Nightride

Despite the government making it clear that they have plans to privatise all of the STA, this week it won a number of lucrative government contracts for bus services.

STA has won the contracts to operate bus services in Region 7 (Ryde, Chatswood and North Sydney areas), Region 8 (Northern Beaches and Mosman areas), Region 9 (Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD areas), and numerous Nightride routes (N10, N11, N90 and N91).

Regions 7, 8 and 9 are current STA operating areas, however the Nightride services are a new addition to their network. These services were previously operated by Transdev.

These are all three year contracts from July 1 2018 that will put back out to tender again in 2021. It is understood that STA will be able to continue to tender.


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