Where Can You Fly? – China

We are starting a new segment here at Transport NSW Blog, looking at all of the places you can fly from Sydney Airport. Today we are looking at China.

You can fly to 19 cities in China from Sydney, more than any other non-Chinese city. This shows the staggering demand for flights from Sydney to China.

A majority of the passengers are from China, which makes sense since 16 of the cities are only served by Chinese carriers.

A total of 10 carriers serve routes between Sydney and China, with most routes only being served by one or two carriers due to China’s One Airline policy. The largest carriers between Sydney and China are Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines and Qantas.

Most flights are operated by Airbus A330 aircraft, due to their medium size and relatively long range. Due to high demand, some routes are served by larger planes. China Eastern operates the 777 on its route to Shanghai and China Southern operates the A380 on its route to Guangzhou.

Routes from Sydney to China


The routes served are;

  • Beijing – Air China, China Eastern, Qantas
  • Changsha – Hainan Airlines
  • Chengdu – Air China
  • Chongqing – Sichuan Airlines
  • Fuzhou – Xiamen Airlines
  • Guangzhou – China Southern
  • Haikou – Hainan
  • Hangzhou – China Eastern
  • Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific, Qantas
  • Kunming – China Eastern
  • Nanjing – China Eastern
  • Qingdao – Beijing Capital
  • Shanghai – Air China, China Eastern, Qantas
  • Shenzhen – China Southern
  • Tianjin – Tianjin Airlines
  • Wuhan – China Eastern
  • Xi’an – Hainan Airlines
  • Xiamen – Xiamen Airlines
  • Zhengzhou – Tianjin Airlines

2 Replies to “Where Can You Fly? – China”

  1. It is interesting that despite the one airline one route policy, Air China and China Eastern both fly to Beijing and Shanghai.


    1. Yes, it is an interesting anomaly to the policy. It actually dates back to before the policy of one airline one route was implemented. Both airlines have been flying Shanghai to Sydney for many decades and it was allowed to keep flying existing duplicate routes.


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