Ferry Friday 8

Today is Friday and therefore we will be looking at another type of ferry that graces Sydney Harbour, the First Fleet Ferries.

Nine vessels were constructed by Carrington Slipways and delivered between 1984 and 1986. They were all named after ships in the First Fleet. First to be delivered in 1984 was Supply followed by Sirius. In 1985 Alexander, Borrowdale, Charlotteand Fishburn were delivered and in 1986 Friendship, Golden Grove and Scarborough 

They are 25m long and have a displacement of 83 tonnes. In 2009, they had their propellers replaced with MTU Series 60 proper lord with a speed of 11 knots. They have a passenger capacity of 400.

Today the First Fleet Ferries operate on the F4 Darling Harbour, F5 Neutral Bay and F6 Mosman Bay routes.

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