Guest Questions – May

Do you have any information on the Sydney Bus Muesem or any other transport museums in Sydney? – HILDE

The Sydney Bus Museum is located at the historic Leichhardt Tramshed and is open every Sunday from 10am-4pm excluding long weekends. Tickets are $15 for an individual and $35 for a family of 4. They offer a World War II exhibition and Vintage bus rides to the QVB via the ANZAC Bridge in addition to their extensive collection of vintage buses. 

The Sydney Tramway Mueseum is in Loftus and opens 10am-3pm Wednesdays and 10am-5pm Sundays. Tickets are $18 for individuals, $46 for families. This includes a tram ride through the Royal National Park.

Who operates bus services in Parramatta? There seem to be loads of differnet one, is this correct? -ANONYMOUS

As Parramatta is a very large regional hub, there are a number of differnt bus operators who run services to Parramatta which I have listed for you below.

  • Hillsbus – Services to the Hills District and North-West T-Way.
  • State Transit – Services to the Inner West and Victoria Road.
  • Transdev NSW – Services to the Southern Suburbs and Parramatta Free Shuttle.
  • Transit Systems Sydney – Services on the Liverpool-Parramatta T-Way.

The 353. In the morning it is so full of students, doing the right thing catching public transport to school, that it more often than not drives straight past the stops at Coogee and Clovelly without even slowing down. How about putting more of these buses on in peak morning times Transport NSW??? One bus route can’t effectively service all the coast from Pagewood to Bondi Junction. – ALIZA PLUNKETT
The main issue here is the lack of any dedicated school services in the Coogee basin. It is certainly the case that one route with can’t service all customers efficiently or effectively. Whilst the government has made some attempts to rectify the issue with some limited services starting from Coogee, a dedicated school service would instead help clear the 353 for other commuters who otherwise miss out.

As a regular commuter on the 373, it can take me up to 15-20 minutes to get from Coogee Public school (where I get on at Carr st) to Belmore Rd in Randwick. Going through The Spot is a nightmare with so many buses trying to get around the round-about, then turn left onto Cuthill St, then right onto Avoca St. It’s so annoyingly slow! What does Conor think is the best solution? Should I just suck it up and walk up to Randwick and get on there? Or walk over to the 374…which I sometimes do…my destination is Surry Hills. I need some public transport wisdom! 🙂 – JILLIAN LEWIS

Unfortunately your options here are limited. I would suggest that the 374 could be better, however it can also suffer from traffic issues along Alison Road. If you think your can walk to Randwick quicker than the bus, then do the walk, not only will your journey be quicker, you get the benefits of the exercise

Has anyone else noticed that since the introduction of Opal cards bus drivers now don’t care if you pay. They used to check how many zones you were going, and the age of your kids etc. Now they don’t care, they let you on with no questions, even if your card does not work. – CAMILLE GEE

This is certainly a big issue. Drivers are required to ensure that all passenger have a valid Opal Card. The issue is that STA drivers receive no penalty if they fail to check all passengers, unlike some other operators, who get in trouble when an inspector finds a driver who haven’t been enforcing the rules. In addition, since the start of Opal, drivers now check tickets less as computers now deal with ensuring correct fares are payed, when previously it was based on honesty.

Another point. Why is there no shuttle bus from mascot train station to unsw and Randwick? This train station is much closer to those destinations than central station is.

From both Randwick and UNSW, you can catch the 400 or 418 to Mascot Station. It would take about 30 minutes on either due to the indirect route. I agree that it would be useful to have a shuttle between either Mascot or Green Square stations as it would be much quicker and reduce the number of passengers on the overcrowded 370 and 400 routes.

Is it possible to solve the Belmore/Alison Road bottleneck? – HELEN PITT

Randwick Junction is undoubtedly the biggest bottleneck in the area. The sheer volume of traffic is larger than the capacity on the roads in the area. The best way to solve this is by increasing the use and availability of Public Transport. This would hopefully decrease the number of cars on the roads, reducing the bottleneck. Better Traffic light phasing can also help as traffic lights often cause much of the bottleneck.

Any thoughts or predictions as to whether the 343 route will continue post introduction of light railway. In particular I’m interested in why it goes as far as Chatswood? – IAN GRAY

I have no doubts that the 343 will continue to operate once the light rail is introduced as it services a different area to the light rail. On the issue of the Chatswood extention, the reason for it is the lack of layover space in the CBD which prompted STA to merge some routes which is what happened with the 343.

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Some Questions have been modified for clarity.

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