Sydney Buses Route of the Week 3

This weeks route of the week is Route L90 from Wynyard to Palm Beach via Mosman, Brookvale, Mona Vale and Avalon.

The L90 is the longest route in the Sydney Buses network at 42 kilometres long. It service takes anywhere between 80 and 100 minutes to operate according to the timetable, occasionally taking longer due to traffic conditions.

The L90 originated in the 1940s as route 150, and from 1953 onwards route 190. In the early 1990s, a majority of 190 services were renumbered as L90, to designate that it was a limited stops service.

The route is often used by commuters travelling to work on weekdays from the upper Northern Beaches. On weekends, it is popular with people planning to visit locations such as Avalon and Palm Beach. The route is also popular for the sceneray that can be seen from the bus.

The L90 is usually operated exclusively by buses with articulated Custom Coaches CB60 EvoII Bodywork and Volvo B12B chassis. These buses are based at Brookvale and Mova Vale Depots.

Pictured: A CB60EvoII Bodied Volvo B12B operating a L90 to Palm Becah at Wynyard.

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