Sydney Buses Route of the Week 5

This week our route of the week is the 333. It runs between Circular Quay and North Bondi via Elizabeth Street, Oxford Street, Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach. Some limited services also continue to Dover Hights

Route 333 began in 2006 as a replacement for the L82 service which was discontinued. Route 333 runs a limited stops service that duplicates and supplements the 24 Hour all stops 380 service. It runs between 6am and Midnight daily with a 10-20 minute frequency. It takes between 38-45 minutes to travel from Circular Quay to North Bondi depending on trafffic conditions.

The route was the first pre-pay only route, wher passengers had to buy a ticket before boarding. This is now commonplace on all Express, Limited Stops and Metrobus routes. In addition the 333 was one of the bus routes involved in the Opal Trial as it uses a dedicated fleet.

The 333 is operated by a dedicated fleet of articulated Volgren buses with a Volvo B12BLEA chassis operating out of Waverley depot.

Pictured: Signage for Opal Customer Trial
Pictured: A Articulated Volgren bodied Volvo B12BLEA operating a 333. It is using the now retired swimmer desto.

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