Featured Bus Route – October 2019

The featured bus route for October 2019 is Route 601. It runs between Parramatta and Rouse Hill via Northmead, Baulkham Hills, Hills Showground and North Kellyville and is operated by CDC Hillsbus.


Route 601 came into existence on 30 May 1983, when there was a reorganisation and renumbering of Route 200 and its various branches. At this time it was operated by Parramatta Bus Co. (Bosnjak family). Parramatta Bus Co. rebranded as Westbus from 1984. On 3 February 1988 the route was extended to Windsor Shops and later on 11 November 1988 the terminus in Windsor was moved from the shops to the station.

From 20 March 2000, route 601 was truncated to run Parramatta – Rouse Hill (Mile End Rd). Rouse Hill (Mile End Rd) – Windsor station replaced by the new route 608. In December of 2004, Westbus was rebranded Hillsbus. From 11 March 2007, route 601 was truncated to operate Parramatta – Kellyville (loop via Acres Rd to Glenrowan Av) in connection with opening of the North West T-way. Service between Parramatta & Rouse Hill replaced by T64 & T65. From 11 May 2009, route 601 was re-extended from Kellyville (Acres Rd) to Rouse Hill Town Centre, as a result of Ministry of Transport review of Region 4.

Today CDC Hillsbus operates Route 601 out of its depots in Northmead and Seven Hills. it operates every 15 minutes all day on weekdays from 5am to midnight and every 30 minutes on weekends between 7am and 11pm. 

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