Featured Bus Route – May 2019

This month our featured bus route is Route 610X between Rouse Hill and City – QVB via Castle Hill and the M2 Motorway. It is operated by CDC Hillsbus.

A 610X service preparing to depart Castle Hill station interchange – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The Bosnjak family, then owners of Westbus, announced that from 29 April 1996 they would operate a new weekday service between Castle Hill and the CBD. This service was designated the 610 and operated from Castle Hill shops off peak and Tuckwell Road in peak hours and operated express via Victoria Road to City – Wynyard. Upon the opening of the M2 Motorway on 28 May 1997, the service was rerouted via the new motorway and the city terminus was altered to Railway Square. From 22 June 1998 weekend services were introduced. Later, on 20 March 2000, peak hour services were extended to Knightsbridge.

From 28 August 2000, a new variation of Route 610 was introduced, sharing the same route between Railway Square and Castle Hill, before deviating to Kellyville. In mid 2004, the operator change from Westbus to Hillsbus, and in 2005, ownership transfer from the Bosnjak family to Comfort Delgro Cabcharge (CDC).

On March 11 2007, Kellyville services were extended to Rouse Hill (Adelphi Street) as part of wider rolling changes due to the staged opening of the North West T-Way. From 16 April 2007 a number of services were rerouted through the Cross City Tunnel and renumbered 610X. Later, upon the service was extended to Rouse Hill Town Centre upon its opening on 25 September 2007. As part of the implementation of the Ministry of Transport review of Region 4, all Knightsbridge services were rebranded as route 652X.

Between 20 December 2010 and 25 May 2019, short workings between the CBD and Castle Hill were renumbered M61 as part of the Metrobus network of high capacity turn up and go services. During this time, 610X continued to operate in its full length between the CBD and Rouse Hill only. On 4 October 2015, the CBD terminus for the 610X was changed from Railway Square to City – QVB in conjunction with works for the CBD and South East light rail project.

Today, a large majority of 610x trips operate as short workings between City – QVB and Castle Hill Station, with selected peak hour and late night services extending to Rouse Hill. The service operates at a variable frequency ranging from every 5 to 20 minutes across the day. All night services operate on Friday and Saturday nights, with services operating between 5am and 1am on other days.

This service is one of a number across Sydney to be operated by Double Decker buses.


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