2019. What to Expect

Happy New Year! From all of us at Transport NSW Blog we wish you a joyful and prosperous 2019. Here at Transport NSW Blog we have lots in store for 2019 to keep providing you with great content.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 9.05.41 am
More Buses and More Trains here on the blog in 2019

Our long time loyal readers affectionately nickname our site “the bus blog”.  This is kind of true, as a large majority of our posts relate to buses. Those who have been here since the start know buses are a large part of the reason why we started this blog and buses will always continue to be a big part of the blog. This year we are continuing with your favourite “Featured Bus Route” series and will continue to post lots of bus photos and changes to bus services.

Despite this, we plan to diversify Transport NSW Blog to a greater extent in 2019. This means more planes and trains. We will see a return to the much loved “Where Can I Fly” series in the first half of the year and a new aviation related series in the second half of the year. On the rail front, we will introduce a new “Station Stories” series, based on the model of our “Featured Bus Route” series.

Additionally in 2019 we plan on working through the entirety of the blog to update and improve our content. We want our archives to be accurate and informative. Not all of our old posts meet that standard and as such they will be improved. To get a sneak peak of the improvements that are being made, see this post.

As always we will keep you up to date with the latest changes and developments right across NSW Transport. Keep sending in your photos and bus/station requests so that we can tailor our content to what you want to see.

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