Changes to Route 400 and 418 from September 30

Transport NSW Blog has been shown information regarding potential changes to Routes 400 and 418 from September 30 2018. These changes relate to previously reported information surrounding the potential splitting of the routes.

It is understood that the following splits will occur.

357: Bondi Junction – Mascot Station (STA R9)
418: Burwood – Kingsford (TSA R6)

This would see the old STA route 357 return along its old route between Bondi and Mascot replacing the existing 418, with the 418 being truncated to Kingsford. The two will share a common route between Mascot and Kingsford.

400: Bondi Junction – International Airport (STA R9)
420: Burwood – Eastgardens (TSA R6)

IMG_2261Route 400 will be truncated short at the International Airport, whilst a new route, 420 will take over the western portion of the route. They will share a common route between the Airport and Eastgardens. Both of these routes will run 24 hours, 7 days a week and will be limited stops. Route 410 will be abolished.

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