Metrobus March – M10 (Featured Bus Route – March 2018)

Metrobus is an Australian high frequency, high capacity bus network in Sydney that links key employment and growth centres. There are 13 routes with all route numbers are prefixed with an “M” followed by 2 numbers. There are three Metrobus operators, STA with routes M10-M54, Hillsbus with routes M60-M61 and Transdev with routes M90-M92.

13 Routes, 13 Posts, This March we will be featuring all the Metrobus routes, starting today by revisiting the M10 which we previously looked at.

The M10 runs from Maroubra to Leichhardt via UNSW, Taylor Square, Central Station and Parramatta Road


Route M10 was the original route in the Metrobus network, launched on 12 October 2008. It was part of an attempt to provide a bus rapid transit network in Sydney providing an increase in services on busy corridors and also to reduce the number of buses terminating in the CBD where lay-over space is limited.

It initally ran from Kingsford to Leichhardt Marketplace via Town Hall howver the route has had numerous modifications. In 2009 the the route was changed to Maroubra Junction to Leichhardt Town Hall due to availability of suitable bus stops and layover space, in 2011 it was extended to Leichhardt Pioneer Park. In 2015, the part of the route via Town Hall was removed from the route due to the construction on the CSELR.

The service runs every 10 minutes during peak hour, every 15 minutes off peak and every 20 minutes at night and on weekends. The hours of operation are from 6am-8pm daily.

The service is operated by a fleet of Volgren or Custom Coaches bodied Volvo B12BLEA articulated buses from Leichhardt and Port Botany depots.

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