Guest Questions – Summer 2018

With the return to more regular posting over Summer, we have received many questions that we are going to answer for you today. If you want to know anything about Transport in NSW, please ask us! We always respond straight way (no waiting for the post) and really love hearing from you. We have decided to keep names anonymous.

What are the bus regions?

The bus regions refer to the Sydney Metropolitan Bus Contract regions that are used to determine what bus operator is to operate a particular route. They are numbered 1 through 15.

Will my region (Region 7) be privatised?

No. At this time Regions 7-9 will continue to be operated by government owned STA. Only Region 6 is changing hands at this time.

Is the light rail really that late? How can the issues they have had make the project that late?

Yes, the light rail is running THAT late. The progress you are seeing now is actually where the project should have been a year ago. It is a mixture of poor planning, poor workmanship and over-engineering of a simple project.

Can you look at where we can fly on specific planes – like the A380 or 747?

Most certainly! Look out for those in upcoming “Where Can You Fly?” segments.

Can you please do a feature of Leichhardt Bus Depot and Region 6 privatisation?

Of course. In fact, its already up on this link. More region 6 privatisation posts can be found under “Farewell Region 6

How do buses on the 370 always bunch up?

The 370 is a very long and complex route, buses can get caught up at traffic lights or in slow moving traffic. Once one bus is late, it begins to pick up more passengers and the bus behind picks up less making is faster, which often brings the buses together. The 370 also has new buses forming from the depot at each end regularly, if one bus already in the cycle but an on-time bus from the depot comes at the same time, they can often end up together as well.

When is Macquarie Park Station closing?

At this point, no date has been given for the ECRL closure. It is likely to be in the second half of this year.

What Bus apps do you use?

I have three apps that I use.

  1. TripView – for viewing individual routes that I take often. I use this as my everyday real time app.
  2. NextThere – for viewing all the upcoming services at a stop. Perfect for working out what is the right route to catch from your nearest stop.
  3. AnyTrip – To see what buses are in the network and what they are operating. My favourite for finding the Christmas or special livery buses.

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