Ferries, B-Line and Newcastle Interchange.

This week has been a rather eventful week for Transport here in NSW, here is your lowdown.

  • The State Government announced that it plans to purchase a number of new 150 passenger ferries to replace the Rivercats on the F3 Parramatta River line. This is due to large increases in passenger demand and the lack of ferries that can travel up Parramatta River all the way to Parramatta.
  • Newcastle Interchange Station will open on Sunday 15 October. This will be the new terminus for Central Coast and Newcastle and Hunter line services. This change will see some minor timetable adjustments, as well as the addition of new faster Express trains from Newcastle to Sydney.
  • There will be a 15 percent drop in the available funds for operating expenses for Transport for NSW, equating to a multi million dollar cut in their budget. This is matched with a freeze in new recruitment for operations positions.
  • The newest buses in the State Transit Fleet, Malaysian bulit Double Decker Gemilangs with MAN engines arrived at Mona Vale Depot this week. These buses will be used exclusively on the new B-Line and are painted in a special Yellow livery to differentiate the service.
Left: New B-Line Bus at Mona Vale Depot. Right: Newcastle Interchange

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