Featured Bus Route – October 2017

This month our featured bus route is the 303. Route 303 operates between Sans Souci and City Circular Quay via Brighton-Le-Sans, Mascot, UNSW and Surry Hills.


There have been suggestions in the past that this route is ineffective as a route to the CBD, with many people living along the far southern part of the route preferring railway feeder services to the nearby Illawarra Rail Line and the Northern Part of the route being duplicated by numerous bus routes. Various proposals have suggested that the route be modified to operate between Miranda and Bondi Junction or to re-route the service via West Botany Street and Sydney Airport. None of these proposals have come to fruition due to community backlash.

The service operates between 6am and 8pm, with short runnings to and from Mascot continuing to 10pm. The service runs every 20 minutes in peak hour, 30 minutes off peak and hourly on weekends. It is operated by Port Botany and Tempe depots.


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