Sydney Buses Route of the Week 18

This weeks request comes from Eloise K. It is for Route 348 which operates between Bondi Junction and Wolli Creek via Randwick Junction, UNSW, Rosebery, Alexandria, St Peters and Tempe. 

Prior to 2009, the 348 operated from Bondi Junction to Alexandria as a weekday only industrial shuttle via Alison Road, Dacey Avenue and Lachlan Street, earlier number 48. From the April 2009 network review, the 348 was redirected to Wolli Creek and started operating via UNSW. From 2014 onwards additional weekday and new weekend services have been progressively added. In March 2017, due to light rail construction, the 348 was redirected to operate through Randwick Junction.

The 348 currently operates between 6am and 10pm on weekdays, 7:30am and 10pm on Saturdays and 9am and 8:30pm on Sundays. The services runs every 15-20 minutes during peak hour and every 30 minutes off peak and on weekends. The timetabled journey time varies greatly from 70 minutes during peak hour down to 35 minutes late at night. Despite this wild variations, peak hour services contually run very late and off peak services very early due to variable traffic conditions.

The service is operated by Randwick and Tempe depots using buses with Volvo or Scania chassis and Ansair, Bustech or Custom Coaches bodywork. A large number of these services are operated with older non-accessible buses.

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