Manly Ferry and Credit Cards

From Thursday 6 July, as part of a trial of contactless payments, people have beeN able to pay for their fare between Manly and Circular Quay on the F1 Manly Ferry service by tapping on using their Mastercard® card or mobile device linked to their Mastercard account. Contactless payments offer a convenient alternative to an Adult Opal single trip ticket without needing to buy a ticket from an Opal ticket machine.

How to use contactless

If your Mastercard card displays the contactless payment symbol or you have a mobile device linked to a Mastercard account, then you can use it to tap on the gates to pay for your fare. You can tap on at Opal card readers with a Mastercard credit card, debit card or enabled mobile device at the start of your trip.You will be charged the same as an Adult Opal single trip ticket.Opal benefits such as daily or weekly fare caps will not apply to contactless payments. You can only use your card or device to tap on for one fare per trip. You can reverse your tap on by tapping off again within 30 minutes of travel, just as you would with an Opal card. You will still be able to pay for your trip with an Opal card or Opal single trip tickets. If you are entitled to concession fares, you should travel with a Child/Youth, Concession or Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card to avoid paying a higher fare. Make sure you separate your cards. If you tap your purse or wallet containing more than one contactless payment card (including an Opal card) on an Opal reader you could be affected by card clash. Please ensure the card or device used is separate from any other contactless-enabled card, including Opal cards. If an Opal card reader detects more than one card, it could take payment from a card you did not intend to pay with, or it may fail to register your card.


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