Tram Tracks 3

Welcome to July and another instalment of Tram Tracks. Light Rail construction is well underway throughout the entirety of the Sydney CBD and South East with work underway in most construction zones with the expecting of Chambers Street at Central Station.

Over 10 kilometres of track has now been laid including along Alison Road in Randwick, ANZAC Parade through Kensingtonand on George Street in the Northern CBD. This includes the pavers and third track through the CBD. Tracklaying works remain ongoing and are now being completed daily. It is understood that a majority of utilities works are now complete wth some minor work in zones that are yet to commence construction still to go.

In addition, traffic changes are continuing throughout the city. George Street is now permentkly closed between Bathurst Street and Hunter Street and Rawson Place is also permently closed. The Nine Ways Roundabout in Kingsford has now been removed and replaced with traffic lights for light rail.

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