Ferry Friday 13

Today we will be looking at the HarbourCat ferries. They were the first of two classes of ferries delivered under the Carr state government with Carl Scully as Transport Minister.

The ferries operate on the F3 Parramatta River and F4 Darling Harbour lines.

They were based on the design of the RiverCats however are slightly shorter with a lower capacity and less displacement. These modifications allow the ferries to travel futher up Parramatta River at lower tides than the RiverCats. This led to a reduction in cancellations of ferry services to Parramatta at low tide from 1 in every 2.5 days to one in every 25 on average. 

There are 2 HarbourCat ferries that were both delivered in 1998 and carried on the tradition of being named after Aussie sports stars from the RiverCats. They were named Anne Sargeant and Pam Burridge.

They have a passenger capacity of 150 passengers, a top speed of 22 knots, a length of 29.6 metres and a displacement of 35 tones.

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