Train Talk Tuesday 10

Welcome to another Train Talk Tuesday, today we will be looking at the Richmond Branchline. It is a branch of the Main Western Railway Line. It runs from the main line at Blacktown, 25 kilometres to Richmond.

Initally opening in 1864, the line was extended to Kurrajong in 1926, with the extention closing in 1952. From the 1980s onwards, the line has been progressively electrified, with electrification reaching Richmond in 1991. The line was duplicated as far as Quakers Hill in 2002, with the line futher duplicated to Schofields in 2011. A planned extention of the duplication to Vineyard has been deferred.

Today the Richmond Line is served by two Sydney Trains lines. These services are proved by either A set, K set pr T set trains.

  • T1 North Shore, Northern and Western Line (Whole length of the line)
  • T5 Cumberland Line (Blacktown-Schofields only)

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