Ferry Friday 6

The NEW Barangaroo Ferry Hub will serve the upcoming Barangaroo district and also help provide a much needed increase in wharf capacity to help meet future demand.

The wharf has an expected opening date of late 2017. The new wharf will initally provide spaces for up to 4 ferries at any one time, with space provided for a later increase to 6 ferries.

The wharfs will ensure customer safety and comfort at each wharf, including seating, lighting, passenger information display and weather protection and also public amenities such as bins, ticket vending machines, wayfinding and signage.

Barangaroo wharf will provide services on the Parramatta River, as well as new direct services to and from the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore. It will provide direct access to these destinations from the Western CBD for the first time.  These changes will be part of wider timetable upgrades in late 2017.

It is expected that the wharf will service as replacement for the aging King street Wharf 250m south at Darling Harbour, which will be decommissioned from Public Transport service.

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