Opal Price Increases

From July 3 2017, Opal fares will increase in line with inflation. It is understood that this will now be a yearly increase and not a one off.

This is a change to the previous fare freeze related to Opal fares and also a rejection of Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal’s suggested average annual increase of 4.2 per cent.

A Summary:

  • Limited 2.4 per cent CPI only increase to Opal fares from July 3
  • Gold Opal remains at $2.50 all day travel
  • Popular ‘Transfer Discount’ to remain

Sample CPI Changes.

  • A train fare from Penrith to Town Hall during peak hour will increase from $6.46 to $6.61
  • A bus fare from Blacktown to Baulkham will increase from $4.50 to $4.61
  • A ferry fare from Manly to Circular Quay will increase from $7.18 to $7.35
  • A light rail fare from Dulwich Hill to The Star will increase from $3.50 to $3.58

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