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This month on Tram Tracks, we look at the route and proposed stop names of the two new light rail lines being built in Sydney as part of the CSELR project.

The new new lines, dubbed L2 and L3 will both start at the Circular Quay stop and travel through the CBD via George Street to Central Station, from there both lines will continue together running up Devonshire Street in Surry Hills before running along its own dedicated alignment through More Park alongside Anzac parade.

At the Interesction of Anzac Parade and Alison Road the two lines spilt. L2 runs along Alison Road and Wansey Road past Randwick Racecoure, before going along High Street and terminating at Randwick Junction. L3 continues along Anzac Parade to Kingsford.

Most stops have been named after the locality there are in or a major nearby landmark, There has been some controversy over the proposed names, with multiple petitions started by both Randwick Council and the Royal Randwick Racecourse to have the Centennial Park stop renamed Randwick Racecourse. Some other criticised stop names include Metropolitan and Wansey Collage due to the ambiguity of the names when considering the surrounding areas.

There is also plans to designate the two stops at Central different names to avoid confusion. The current stop used by L1 services will be renamed Central – Grand Concourse whilst the new stop used by L2 and L3 services will be named Central – Chalmers Street.

Light Rail Line Diagram
A Map of the. Light Rail Route with Stop Names

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