Ferry Friday 6

The NEW Barangaroo Ferry Hub will serve the upcoming Barangaroo district and also help provide a much needed increase in wharf capacity to help meet future demand.

The wharf has an expected opening date of late 2017. The new wharf will initally provide spaces for up to 4 ferries at any one time, with space provided for a later increase to 6 ferries.

The wharfs will ensure customer safety and comfort at each wharf, including seating, lighting, passenger information display and weather protection and also public amenities such as bins, ticket vending machines, wayfinding and signage.

Barangaroo wharf will provide services on the Parramatta River, as well as new direct services to and from the Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore. It will provide direct access to these destinations from the Western CBD for the first time.  These changes will be part of wider timetable upgrades in late 2017.

It is expected that the wharf will service as replacement for the aging King street Wharf 250m south at Darling Harbour, which will be decommissioned from Public Transport service.

Ferry Friday 5

One of the most famous ferry services here in Sydney is the Manly Ferry, which is the topic of our Ferry Friday.

The first services between Circular Quay and Manly began in the 1850s. These services were operated by The Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company. Today the services are operated by Harbour City Ferries on behalf of  Sydney Ferries as the F1 Manly service.

Four Freshwater class ferries bulit in the 1980s operate the service. They are named Freshwater, Queenscliff, Narrabeen and Collaroy. Each ferry can carry up to 1 100 passengers at a time.

The service takes 30 minutes between Circular Quay Wharf 3 and Manly Wharf 1 and operates between 6am and Midnight daily with a frequency varying between 20 and 30 minutes depending on demand.

Collaroy operating a F1 Manly service.

Ferry Friday 4

This week on ferry Friday we will be talking about the new ferries currently being delivered to Sydney Ferries. The ferries were first annouced as part of Sydney’s Ferry Future in 2013.

These ferries will be built by an Australian Shipbuilder, Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd, who were chosen after an international tender process.

The first ferry, named Catherine Hamlin entered service in January 2017, with the remained of the ferries to be rolled out ove rthe rest of the year. 

These are the first new ferries since the SuperCats, deliver in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics. The current average fleet age is 25 years and these new ferries will help to reduce that. In addition, new RiverCats are believed to be in the works.

Pictured: Catherine Hamlin in testing in December 2016 at Circular Quay

Ferry Friday 3

Today we will be looking at the upcoming wharf closures in the Sydney Ferries Network.

There are three upcoming wharf closures that will start in the next few weeks

  • Birchgrove Wharf, closing on Monday 24 April 
  • Milsons Point Wharf, closing on Thursday 27 April
  • Cockatoo Island Wharf, closing on Wednesday 10 May

Birchgrove wharf will be closed due to emergency maintenance work that needs to be completed, these works are unspecified. Services will instead depart from Balmain East Wharf, a 10 minute drive or 45 minute walk. Services will resume on Saturday 6 May

Milsons Point wharf will be closed due to an upgrade to the wharf and its facilities as part of the governments Wharf upgrade program. For approximately 6 months services will instead depart from Jeffery Street Wharf, a 5 minute walk away. 

Cockatoo Island Wharf will be closed due to an upgrade to the wharf and its facilities as part of the governments Wharf upgrade program. For approximately 5 months services will instead stop at Camber Wharf, on the opposite side of the Island a 10 minute walk away. 

 Ferry Friday 2

Welcome to Friday. Today we will be looking at Circular Quay Ferry Terminus.

Circular Quay is Sydney’s largest ferry wharf with 5 wharfs and 10 berths numbered east to west 2a-6b. Wharves 2-5 are used exclusively by Sydney Ferries whilst Wharf 6 is used by private operators including Manly Fast Ferries and Captain Cook Cruises. 

Wharf 2 is used exclusively by F2 Taronga Zoo services, Wharf 3 is used exclusively for F1 Manly services and Wharves 4-6 are used for a variety of routes in the harbour and up the Parramatta River.

Pictured: Circular Quay Ferry Wharf from Above

Ferry Friday 1

Today is the first Ferry Friday! To celebrate, we will be looking at the history of Harbour City Ferries, the operator of ferries in Sydney Harbour.

Harbour City Ferries took over the operation of ferries in Sydney Harbour from State Transit on July 28th 2012. They operator these services on behalf of the NSW Government.

Harbour City Ferries provides over 170 000 services a year across 7 routes in Sydney Harbour and employs over 650 people.

They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Transdev Australia, the largest multi-modal transport provider in Sydney.

Pictured: Collaroy operating a service to Manly

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