Bus Service Changes October 2021

There will be changes to bus services in Northern, North-Western and Western Sydney from the 18th and 24th of October. These changes have been designed to streamline services and update timetables to reflect changed traffic conditions.

There will be changes to bus services later this month – Transport NSW Blog Collection
  • Hillsbus and Forest Coachlines Changes (all except Route 779) will occur on Monday 18 October 2021
  • Busways Changes (Route 779) will occur on Sunday 24 October


607NRoute withdrawn
All existing trips to operate as route 607X between the City and Bella Vista.
Customers travelling from the City to beyond Bella Vista can still catch Nightride route N92.
607XAdditional services
Route 607X will replace all existing route 607N between City and Bella Vista.
Service frequency on weekends increased to 15 minutes.
Minor timetable adjustments across the week to better reflect traffic conditions.
Over 70 additional weekly services.
610XRoute and timetable changes
Route 610X weekday peak hour services between Kellyville and Castle Hill will no longer run; all services will operate between Castle Hill and the City only.
Alternative travel options for customers between Kellyville and Castle Hill available on routes 601, 626, 632, 633 and 715, providing connections to Sydney Metro or other bus services at either Hills Showground or Castle Hill stations.
Minor changes to weekday peak hour service frequency.
Weekday early morning and off-peak frequency increased to 10 minutes.
Additional early morning and evening trips on weekends.
Minor timetable adjustments across the week to better reflect traffic conditions.
Over 30 additional weekly services.
611Additional services
Service frequency on Sundays increased to 15 minutes.
Around 40 additional weekly services.
619Timetable change
Changes to service hours during morning and afternoon peak on weekdays, with reduction in shoulder peak trips.
Service frequency will be maintained during the busiest part of the morning and afternoon peak.
643New route
Operates between Rouse Hill and Gables via Box Hill.
Operates every 30 mins on weekdays and on weekends.
Provides new access to bus services for newly developed areas of Box Hill in the Mount Carmel Drive and Brahman Road area.
Over 440 additional weekly services,
779Route extension and additional services
Existing route 779 (St Marys – Erskine Park) will be extended to the Oakdale West precinct at Kemps Creek and upgraded to support customer access to existing and new employment areas in Erskine Park and Kemps Creek.
Operating hours will increase, with new off peak and weekend services.
Over 170 additional weekly services.
School ServicesNew school routes
New school services to serve new Santa Sophia Catholic. College:4x AM routes – routes 2107, 2108, 2109, 2110
4x PM routes – routes 2687, 2688, 2689, 2690.
40 additional weekly services commencing in Term 4.
141, 193, 280, 602X, 607X, 611, 612X, 613X, 614X, 615X, 616X, 619, 620X, 622, 642X, 652XMinor timetable changes
Minor timetable adjustments across the week to better reflect traffic conditions.

One Reply to “Bus Service Changes October 2021”

  1. So much inconvenience in having to take two buses for those commuters travelling daily from Kellyville to City on route 610X. Please reinstate this service.


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