Busways wins Region 7 Contract

Busways have announced that they have been successful in tendering for the Region 7 contract currently held by State Transit. This contract includes services across the North Shore and Northern Suburbs districts operated out of Ryde and Willoughby depots

Bus services in the North Shore and Northern Suburbs will be taken over by Busways from 9 January 2022 – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Busways will take over the Region 7 contract from 12:01am on 9 January 2022. The eight year contract includes 900 employees, 453 buses and two depots. This will see Busways more than double their Sydney operations, taking over the 67 routes and 204 school services in Region 7 which comprise 16.7 million service kilometers and 34 million passenger trips annually.

Busways Managing Director Byron Rowe highlighted the added efficiencies and technological advancements Busways would bring to the contract, including the introduction of electric buses. “By appointing Busways, the NSW government has backed an Australian-owned company to deliver world-class services for customers of the integrated transport network,” Mr Rowe said.

Commitments from Busways to improve the network in the Region 7 contract area include;

  • Thirty-five zero emissions buses (ZEBs).
  • Substantial depot capital works program to increase depot capacity and electrify the fleet
  • CCTV upgrades fleet-wide for improved safety and security
  • New 4G two-way radios fleet-wide for better service reliability and customer information
  • Cleaning and repair program to lift fleet presentation standards and passenger comfort
  • Solar powered smart technology at selected bus stops with real-time service information
  • Proactive and preventative maintenance regime backed by our ISO 55001 accredited Asset Management System

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