Photos – Final Day of the Carlingford Line

In the early hours of Sunday 5 January 2020, the Carlingford Line carried passengers for the last time, ahead of its decommissioning. The line is set to become part of the Parramatta Light Rail network in the future, but now now the line has carried its final passengers.

Transport NSW Blog was there on the day to document this historic occasion. Enjoy some photos from the final day of the Carlingford Line.

Four Car Millennium Set M30 operated the services on the final day – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Signage at Carlingford indicating the special working section of the Carlingford Line – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Heritage Set F1 operated shuttles between Clyde and Carlingford to mark the occasion – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Heritage Set F1 departing Carlingford for the final time – Transport NSW Blog Collection
M30 preparing for the final round trip between Clyde and Carlingford – Transport NSW Blog Collection
PID showing the last return trip on the Carlingford Line, arriving into Carlingford at 1:46am on 5 January 2020 – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The old fashioned wooden next train display at Carlingford, in use for the final time, showing the final train due out at 1:34am on 5 January 2020 – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Train at Carlingford Station for the last time on 5 January 2020 – Transport NSW Blog Collection

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