Featured Bus Route – December 2019

The featured bus route for December 2019 is Route 202. It runs between City Gresham Street and Northbridge via North Sydney and Cammeray and is operated by State Transit.

Route 202 bus leaving North Sydney – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Route 202 started out life without a route number, operating as a tram replacement service for the outer edge of the Wynyard to Northbridge tram service after the structure of Suspension Bridge was found to be unsafe for trams to travel over. Originally the service only operated between the northern end of Suspension Bridge to The Knoll, Northbridge from 28 May 1936. Shortly after, this service was extended to Willoughby Road in order to provide a connection to tram services to Wynyard on Willoughby Road. From 4 April 1937 the service was further extended to North Sydney Station and given a Route number, Route 2. 

From 1 August 1937, Route 2 became the first regularly scheduled bus service to operate across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The service was extended to Wynyard due to pressure to provide a through service between Northbridge & the City, as the previous tram service had. No other bus services operated across the Sydney Harbour Bridge until tram services north of the bridge began to be decommissioned and replaced with bus services. 

From 10 September 1939, the service was rerouted via Suspension Bridge on its re-opening and also renumbered 202. From this date, the service replaced the Wynyard to Suspension Bridge tram service. The tram service was however, reinstated from 30 June 1941 to 11 January 1948 and Route 202 operated alongside the trams between Suspension Bridge and Wynyard. From 12 January 1948, Route 202 permanently replaced tram services.

From 22 March 1953, short workings of Route 202 were replaced with new routes. This included Route 200 from Wynyard to Cammeray Bridge and Route 201 from Wynyard to Northbridge Junction. From 30 June 1958, the city terminus altered from Wynyard to Martin Place, to provide for additional routes being terminated at Wynyard when North Sydney tram routes were replaced by buses. From 4 January 1972 the city terminus altered from Martin Place to Gresham St, due to construction work on the Eastern Suburbs Railway in Martin Place. From 7 October 1975, Night, Saturday afternoon & Sunday services replaced by 208. 

From 11 September 1988, Route 202 once again started terminating at Wynyard. Services on weekends also recommended at various points throughout the 1990s. From 4 October 2015 the city terminus altered from Wynyard to Bridge St as a result of light rail construction in George St/new CBD bus network.  From 5 September 2016,  Peak hour service curtailed to run North Sydney to Northbridge (Clive Park), but continued to run City (Bridge St) to Northbridge (Clive Park) at other times. 204 express trips continued to provide a service to the City in peak hours.

Today State Transit operates the service out of their Willoughby Depot. It operates every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday and Hourly on Sundays. Services run between 6am and 9pm on weekdays and 8am to 6pm on weekdays, with peak hour services only operating between North Sydney and Northbridge.

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