Featured Bus Route – June 2019

This is our 250th Post – Thank you to all of our loyal readers who have stuck with us for all these years. 

For June 2019 our featured bus route will be Route 197 between Macquarie University and Mona Vale via Gordon, St Ives and Terry Hills. Route 197 is operated by CDC Forest Coach Lines.

A 197 service from Mona Vale arrives at Macquarie University  – Transport NSW Blog Collection

Route 197 has a relatively short history, with operation stretching back to 2008. Despite this, there is a very long and complex history behind how Route 197 came into being.

In April 1949, Route 161 between Narrabeen to Terry Hills commenced. A complex operating history seeing it run by at least 6 different bus companies on a variety of slightly differing routes followed. By March 1979, two routes with the 161 route number were operating – Narrabeen to Elanora Heights and Pymble to Mona Vale, both by Warringah Bus Lines.

From 1990, the two services were renumbered into Route 195 between Pymble to Mona Vale and 196 between Narrabeen and Ingleside, both operated by Shorelink. From 31 August 1991 both services transferred to Forest Coach Lines. 

In a reorganisation of Forest Coach Lines routes on 27 July 1992, Pymble to Mona Vale 195 trips were renumbered 196, with the previous 196 trips from Narrabeen to Elanora Heights absorbed into the new 196 timetable. From 26 October 1998, some peak hour services during University semester extended to Macquarie University. For a short period in 2003, these services were number M196. From 7 June 2004, the service is altered to Gordon to Mona Vale, however Macquarie University services remain unchanged.

As a result of the Ministry of Transport review of Region 14, Macquarie University to Mona Vale services were renumbered as Route 197 from 24 November 2008, whilst Gordon to Mona Vale shortworkings remained Route 196.

Currently, the service operates every 15 minutes towards Macquarie Park in the AM peak and every 20 minutes towards Mona Vale during the afternoon and PM peak. At other times the service runs its full length hourly, with short runnings providing a half hourly service between Austlink and Macquarie Park on weekdays. Services operate between 7am and 10pm on Weekdays, 9am to 8pm on weekends.

An Austlink shortrunning departs Macquarie University – Transport NSW Blog Collection




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