Two Years

Today marks two years since Transport NSW Blog was first set up in a library during a lunch break. In those two years that library has since become a fitness centre, but this blog has grown into a wonderful community of people who read, comment on and share the posts about transport that get posted here.

Thank you to all 7000 individual IP addresses that have visited us and for all the 17000 views on 233 posts across over 63363 words that have been published on Transport NSW Blog.

The past year has been crazy. We ran our massively popular and successful NSW State  election coverage, that proved only half as controversial as we expected and we saw even more photos and community contributions than ever before.

We want to see even more of your community created content, even more discussions on transport and loads more buses in the coming year. Let us know what bus route you want to be featured next month or your ideas for what we should post!

To another two years of transport posts, a massive shout out to all my loyal email subscribers and those reading this on their browser.

Conor Magee
Editor – Transport NSW Blog

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