Battleground Seats – East Hills

East Hills is the most marginal Liberal held seat in NSW. It is currently held by retiring Liberal MP Glenn Brooks on a 0.4% margin, making it the most marginal seat in the state. This time round Wendy Lindsay will run for the Liberals, whilst returning candidate Cameron Murphy is running for Labor.

New trains are being promised by both parties – Transport NSW Blog Collection

The Liberal candidate is Wendy Lindsay. The Liberals have committed to a new commuter carpark at Revesby station and an accessibility upgrade for East Hills station. They have also committed to more bus connections to Revesby station and improved train services, including new more new B Set trains. The Liberals have also announced that there will be a reduction in the Opal weekly cap to $50.

Cameron Murphy is the Labor candidate. He was previously a barrister and the candidate for East Hills at the 2015 state election. Labor has promised to remove all non-air conditioned S-Set trains from the T8 line and review the timetables on the line. As part of their fair fares policy, Labor will make all public transport free for school students and refund fares for unreasonable delays to train services.

In a seat where transport is a vital connection both parties appear to be light on promises. Will Fair Fares be enough for Labor to pick up the most marginal seat in the state?

2 Replies to “Battleground Seats – East Hills”

  1. Great post! This affects my train line so I’m keen to see what comes of these promises.
    Both parties are aiming pretty low in my opinion, if these are their goals.


  2. Particularly given the promises in some of the other seats and how marginal the seat is, they are aiming very low in East Hills. Hopefully whoever gets elected actually delivers.


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