Contactless Expands to Trains

From today contactless card payments are now available for services operated by Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink . When catching these services customers will now be able to tap on and off with their contactless card in lieu of their Opal Card.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.47.13 pm.png

Most American Express, Mastercard, Visa credit / debit cards or a smartphone, tablet or wearable device linked to one of these cards will be accepted on trains under these changes. Charges will be equivalent to the standard peak Opal fare for the same journey. Daily and weekly caps on charges will also be applied, making card travel as affordable as possible.

Not available using Contactless payments include Weekly Travel Rewards, Transfer Discounts, Off-peak train fare discounts, Trip Advantage and free access to Opal Park and Ride carparks.

This comes as the trial of contactless payments of Ferries and Light Rail have been successful, and will continue indefinitely.

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