South East Transport Changes from 2 December

From Sunday 2 December, there will be major changes to State Transit and Transit Systems services in the South East of Sydney. These changes form part of the ‘Green Square and Waterloo Transport Action Plan’ that is designed to sustainably improve transport connections and accessibility in the region.

Route 303 is one of the many routes that will have changes

“These enhancements will benefit Green Square and Waterloo customers, creating capacity for more than 20,000 additional weekly passengers,” according to Transport for NSW Coordinator General Marg Prendergast. Two new turn up and go services will be added, as well as additional peak hour and late night services and improved connections to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern.

The Green Square and Waterloo area is one of the fastest growing areas in the world. By 2022 it will have a population density higher than most parts of Singapore or Hong Kong, with over 22 000 people per square kilometre. These changes are needed to cope with all of these new residents. Additionally, the plan includes the new Waterloo Metro Station, Road and Cycleway upgrades as well as a potential light rail line.

Key Changes Include;

New Routes
  • Rosebery and Circular Quay via Zetland, Waterloo and Surry Hills. Serves East Village Shopping Centre
  • New 24/7, turn-up and go service
  • Port Botany and Mascot Station via Matraville, Eastgardens, Pagewood, Botany and Mascot shops
  • Provides local coverage and connections to buses at Eastgardens, Botany and Mascot and trains at Mascot station.
  • Replaces route 309 and 310 in the Port Botany, Matraville and Eastgardens areas.
  • Railway Square and Port Botany via Redfern, Green Square station and Botany Road.
  • Every 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peaks.
  • Replaces route L09
  • Banksmeadow and Railway Square via Botany, Mascot, and Green Square station.
  • Running every 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peaks. Combined with route 309, this will result in buses every 5 minutes between Botany Shops and Green Square station during peak periods
  • Replaces route X09 and X10 services
  • All-stops service between Eastgardens and Bondi Junction
  • Replaces limited stops route 400 overnight services between 12am – 5am
Amended Routes



  • Changed to operate to and from Redfern Station, providing new links to the rail network
  • Route 304 will provide services between Rosebery, Waterloo and the City
  • Changed to operate between Redfern Station and Mascot only
  • Service frequency adjusted to every 30 minutes
  • Changed to operate between Marrickville Metro and Central Station full time
  • Weekday morning and afternoon peak hour services currently terminating at or commencing from Redfern Station will be extended to Central Station via Redfern and Chalmers/Elizabeth Streets
  • Changed to operate between Banksmeadow and Railway Square
  • Running every 12 minutes or better during the day, 7 days a week, with services around every 10 minutes during morning and afternoon peak times on weekdays, and every 15 minutes during evenings (30 mins late night
  • Additional services across the week, including higher capacity with proposed increase of 18% more capacity between 7am-8am and 16% capacity between 8am-9am.
  • Limited stops route 400 overnight services between 12am – 5am replaced by new route 400N All-stops service between Eastgardens and Bondi Junction
Cancelled Routes




  • Services will no longer operate.
  • Replaced by new services


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