Photos – October 2018

Here are our favourite transport photos from October

The start of the new rail tunnel between Bella Vista and Epping at Bella Vista – Transport NSW Blog Collection
New Bella Vista Metro Station – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The first day of 362 operation for the 2018/19 summer – Transport NSW Blog Collection
B2, the first Waratah B set to enter service – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The new Sydney Metro Skytrain cable stayed bridge at Rouse Hill – Transport NSW Blog Collection
The new truncated 400 to Sydney Airport – Transport NSW Blog Collection
StationLink SL1 to Chatswood leaves Epping – Transport NSW Blog Collection
V40 trails V7 out of Beecroft on a Newcastle Service – Transport NSW Blog Collection

2 Replies to “Photos – October 2018”

  1. I was excited to see a new and interesting blog post when I got an email saying “photos October 2018” but when I look at the email I see NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!
    then I go to the website and it doesn’t show anything
    I’m disappointed about this recent decline in good blog posts and I have been thinking about unsubscribing


    1. Hi Thom,

      I apologise for the erroneous email that was sent out without photos. We have since resent that email and provided the pictures that were intended to be in the post.

      Editor – Transport NSW Blog


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