Photos – September 2018

We always get requests to see more photos from across the Sydney transport network here on the blog. Every month we are out and about taking hundreds of photos but very few of them ever actually make it the whole way from our cameras to the blog. To showcase some of these photos, we are proposing that we share some of our favourite photos with you at the end of each month. This way, our photos don’t go to waste and you get to see parts of the network that would otherwise be unknown to you.

A black and white Circular Quay, with Carnival Spirt at the OPT – M. Bustamante
Two ferries seen from the train at Circular Quay – M. Bustamante
Trams at Randwick Depot – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Train operates through the Epping Chatswood Rail Link before its closure – Transport NSW Blog Collection
Route 400 operating to Burwood ahead of its truncation to the Airport – Transport NSW Blog Collection

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