One Year of Transport NSW Blog

One year ago, I set up this little blog called Transport NSW Blog to share my love of Transport with my family and friends. Since then there have been 145 posts, 3655 individual page views and 1570 unique visitors. On the 23rd of May last year, thanks to an anonymous share on reddit, we had our most successful day, with 196 unique visitors and 308 page views. We continue to have very loyal readerships, with nearly 20 daily views on average during the start of 2018.

I can’t thank enough all of my followers and supporters who have been loyal the past year. Here’s to another good year ahead! We have the continuation of reader favourite “Featured Bus Route” as well as many other special series including “Farewell Region 6,” “Where Can You Fly?” and the upcoming “Sydney’s Transport History”.

To celebrate, enjoy some of my favourite pictures from the blog over the past year.

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