First Waratah B-Set

The first of the new Sydney Trains Waratah B-Sets arrived in Sydney today. 24 eight car sets have been ordered and will be used to replace all of the ageing and non-airconditioned S sets. They will  run on the T2, T3 and T8 lines from June.


The Waratah B-Set trains will improve customer comfort and accessibility including features such as:

 Improved air conditioning with advanced temperature control.
 More than 90 Internal and external CCTV cameras and two customer help points per car
 Improved accessibility including priority seating, wheelchair spaces and hearing aid loops.
 High definition customer information screens to provide journey and safety information.
 Improved interior LED lighting.

All 24 sets will be in service by late 2019, with an option for a further 45 delivered between 2020 and 2022 if the government is satisfied with the trains performance.

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