Metrobus March – M50

Route M50 operates between Drummoyne and Coogee via Rozelle, Sydney CBD, Moore Park and Randwick. It commenced on 31 October 2010.

Route M50 was originally intended to run between Drummoyne and Randwick, however a suitable layover space in Randwick could not be found. This lead to the route being extended to Coogee before it commenced as there was plentiful layover space. Prior to March 2017, the route ran along Anzac Parade and High Street via UNSW. Due to CSELR construction, the service was rerouted via Alison Road and through Belmore Road in Randwick Junction. This rerouting has lead to a significant decline in patronage, as UNSW was the most major patronage generator along the route.

The M50 runs every 10 minutes during peak periods, 15 minutes during off-peak weekday periods, and 20 minutes on weekends. It operates between 6am and 8pm daily. It is operated by a fleet of articulated “bendy” buses from both Leichhardt and Randwick depots.

Happy Birthday to our loyal reader Jenny Roskov!

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      A decision was made back in October last year to discontinue Bus Route of the Week in favour of monthly Featured Bus Routes. At the moment there are more than weekly Metrobus March posts, but we can look into reintroducing weekly posts.


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