Sydney Trains “Unworkable Timetable” to be modified from Monday 12 March

The new train timetable that introduced 1500 extra services back in November, is best known for having pushed the network past its limits and into meltdown multiple times.

It has now been revealed that new timetables are being introduced on many lines on 12 March that will roll back some of the extra services and undo some controversial changes.

We can confirm the following changes;

  • T1 North Shore line services between Hornsby and Berorwa before 6am and after 10pm CANCELLED
  • T3 Bankstown line Liverpool express services after 8pm CANCELLED
  • T5 Cumberland line services between Quakers Hill and Richmond and between Liverpool and Leppington on weekend CANCELLED
  • T6 Carlingford line services reduced in frequency on weekends from 30 minutes to 45 minutes
  • Redfern returns as a stop on Blue Mountains Line and will be added on three morning and three afternoon peak services:
    • 05:44 Mount Victoria to Central
    • 06:14 Mount Victoria to Central
    • 06:45 Mount Victoria to Central
    • 16:33 Central to Katoomba
    • 17:03 Central to Katoomba
    • 17:33 Central to Katoomba

The government is insisting that this is a minor timetable tweak and that the services being cut were only carrying fresh air. However it is understood that the real reason is that the timetable has failed and that there are simply not enough trains or drivers to operate all the services required under the timetable. It is hoped that this new timetable will improve reliability and end the woes that the November timetable brought.

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