Where Can You Fly? – USA

This edition of Where Can You Fly, we are looking at all the US routes out of Sydney.

The US is one one of the most popular destinations out of Sydney, with loads of both Aussies and Americans traveling between the two everyday.

There is a long history of direct flights to the US from Sydney, staring with Qantas original Sydney – Honolulu – San Francisco flights on the 707 back in the 1960s, moving forward to direct flights to the 48 contiguous states on the 747 in the 1980s, through to the network we see today.

You can fly direct between 5 US cities in three different states. Onwards same plane connections exist to a sixth.  the most popular route is to LA, with nearly 40 weekly flights.

American Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia and United all fly between Sydney and the US, with Qantas undoubtedly being the largest carrier controlling 2/3 of the Sydney-US market, followed by United which has around 20% of the market.

Qantas flies a mix of A380 and 747 aircraft between Sydney and the US. Both American and United use 787 aircraft, whilst Delta and Virgin Australia offer the 777.

Routes from Sydney to the US

The routes are;

  • Dallas Fort Worth – Qantas
  • Honolulu – Hawaiian, Qantas
  • Houston – United
  • Los Angeles – American Airlines, Delta, Qantas, Virgin Australia, United
  • New York JFK – Qantas (same plane via LAX)
  • San Francisco – Qantas, United

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