Sydney Bus Privatisation – Region 6 Contract Awarded


One of the Transport Industries worst kept secrets was today confirmed by Transport Minister Andrew “Liar McLiarFace” Constance – Bus services in Region 6  have been award to Transit Systems Sydney.

Transit Systems will replace STA as the operator of Region 6 (Inner West) bus services on 1 July 2018. All Award staff will be offered jobs with Transit Systems with an 18-month employment guarantee.

During the announcement the Minister alluded to many possible improvements that could potentially be made by the new operator;

  • On Demand bus service in Burwood, Canada Bay and Concord areas.
  • 270 extra weekly services in 2018 on three routes
    • 423 Kingsgrove to City Martin Place via Newtown
    • 461 Burwood to City Domain via Parramatta Road
    • 504 Chiswick to City Domain via Victoria Road
  • 4.8 million extra service kilometres by 2021
  • Electric buses introduced to fleet

The RBTU has refuted claims that the new operator will deliver better services, instead claiming that there will be less services and less stops along routes.


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