Featured Bus Route – January 2018


Happy New Year! This year we will be having a featured bus route each month, so get requesting and see if your choice makes the top 12!

Our featured route this month is the 373 which operates between Coogee and City Circular Quay via Randwick Junction, Moore Park, Taylor Square and Elizabeth Street.

The 373 is one of the routes designated as a high priority Suburban route in the Sydney Bus Future report. This means that it runs 24/7 at a high frequency with stops every 800 or so metres along the route. The corridor it services is being further upgraded with the introduction of light rail between. Randwick and City Circular Quay, which may see the route take more of a back seat role in the future

Much like many other Eastern Suburbs bus routes, the 373 largely duplicates an old tram line. It began operation in its current state in 1960 as a replacement for the Coogee tram line which had just closed down.

The service currently operates 24 hours with high frequency. It runs very 5 minutes in the peak, every 10 minutes off peak and on weekends and every half an hour overnight.

It is operated out of STA’s Randwick Depot, with some services also operating out of Port Botany and Waverly depots during peak hours. It is serviced by a mix of regular 12.5m buses and high capacity 18m articulated buses.


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