State Transit 85th Anniversary

Christmas Day 2017 marked 85 years of operation by Sydney’s Government bus operator, the State Transit Authority.

To mark this occasion, State Transit, Transit Graphics, APN Advertising and Townsend Signs have come together to wrap 12 buses in special liveries recalling bygone liveries and historic events over the years.

On December 25th 1932, a small operation commenced with primitive White petrol-engined buses, on Route 144 between Cremorne Junction and Manly Wharf via The Spit, feeding to tram services at either end. Over the prevailing 85 years, from small beginnings taking over early private bus operators, through a World War entering onto the Home Front, vicious union disputes, the Olympics, and into the 21st century.

The operation has grown enormously to become the State Transit Authority which serves on average 640,000 Sydneysiders every day.

The following buses are operating in the vintage liveries.

  • DRTT Red & Cream livery – 1933 to 1948 (2799, L) IMG_8543
  • DRTT Camouflage livery – 1942 (2356, N) fullsizeoutput_a02
  • DGT Green & Cream livery – 1946 to 1983 (2652, M) IMG_8503
  • DGT Royal Visit livery – 1954 (2783, P) fullsizeoutput_a03.jpeg

  • Sydney Opera House opening celebrations – 1973 (2833, B) IMG_8917
  • PTC ‘Mark II’ livery – 1978 to 1998 (2559, K) fullsizeoutput_a04.jpeg
  • UTA ‘Sydney Explorer’ livery – 1980 to 2010 (2579, R) IMG_8911
  • UTA Brown & Gold articulated bus livery – 1983 to 1998 (1742, F) fullsizeoutput_a05
  • UTA ‘Silver Service’ livery – 1987 to 1994 (2829, Y) IMG_8989
  • UTA ‘Mark V’ livery – 1987 to 2000 (2706, V) fullsizeoutput_a07.jpeg
  • UTA ‘Celebration of a Nation’, Australia’s Bicentennial livery – 1988 (2683, W) IMG_8565
  • STA Sydney 2000 Olympic Bid livery – 1992 (2651, T) fullsizeoutput_a08.jpeg

You can find more photos of these buses on our Instagram account – @transportnswblog

Government Bus Logos over the past 85 years

Photos sourced from a mixture of our personal collection and Sydney Bus Museum.

4 Replies to “State Transit 85th Anniversary”

  1. Hi TFNSW. This is fantastic! I’ve seen a few of these buses, but didn’t know why they were done up in these liveries. Is there a way to know which run/route these buses are on? I would very much like to photograph these buses, but don’t know how to find them on any given day. Thanks, Mitch.


    1. Hi Mitch,
      Glad you liked the post!

      We can track the movement of the buses, with being the best site for it. Unfortunately it can only give you the current and next trip for each of the buses and also doesn’t tell you which of the buses is coming.

      Hopefully you are able to find and photograph all the buses. It is my understanding that the wraps are due to come off in December so you will have until then to find them.


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