Sydney Buses Route of the Week 21

This week we have a request from Charlotte O. It is for route 507. The 507 operates between Circular Quay and Macquarie Univeristy via Victoria Road, Putney, Meadowbnk and Ryde. A large number of shortworkings exist with many services terminating or starting from Town Hall and Ryde instead of the end termini.

The 507 is one of many route to have perviously operated down George Street in the CBD, and did so from its inception until the October 2015 CBD network chnage which rerouted it down Elizabeth Street instead.

The 507 operates 6am and 9pm on Weekdays, services between 8am – 3pm operate the full length of the route. Services prior to 8am and between 3pm and 6pm terminate at Town Hall instead of Circular Quay and services before 8am and after 6pm terminate at Ryde instead of Macquarie University. A half hourly service is provided at peak times with an hourly service at other times. On Saturdays, services operate between 8am and 6pm with all services travelling the full length of the route on a hourly frequency. On Sundays, services operates between 8am and 6pm between Circular Quay and Ryde only on a hourly frequency.

The 507 is operated by Ryde Depot using buses with Mercedes Benz, Scania or Volvo Chassis and Custom Coaches bodywork.

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